2017 Nissan Rogue vs. 2017 Ford Escape

Sport utility vehicles bring a lot to the table. They are attractive to drivers for a number of reasons, such as their higher seat height, vast cargo space, and impressive horsepower, among other things. Back in the old days, SUVs tended to guzzle gasoline as if they were in a gas-guzzling contest, and that could really eat away at your wallet over time. Those days are mostly in the past, because since then new engineering and technology have allowed for the development of crossover SUVs, which sort of provide a happy medium between the worlds of SUVs and smaller sedans or coupes. Such vehicles retain the horsepower that has attracted buyers for decades while also providing much better fuel efficiency than was ever thought possible with such vehicles. These models are now plentiful in the marketplace, but which one is right for you? Let's take a look at the 2017 Nissan Rogue vs the 2017 Ford Escape.

2017 Nissan Rogue VS 2017 Ford Escape
170 HP
168 HP
70 Cubic Feet
68 Cubic Feet
26 City / 33 Highway
21 City / 29 Highway

2017 Nissan Rogue Horsepower & Fuel Economy

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too, but that was before the Nissan Rogue came along. As its name suggests, the 2017 Nissan Rogue breaks away from the crowd by being powerful and efficient. The engine under the hood of the 2017 Rogue delivers 170 horsepower, and that does not come at the expense of fuel efficiency. The Rogue gets an estimated 26 city and 33 highway miles per gallon. Compare that to the numbers on the 2017 Ford Escape, which gets 21 city and 29 highway miles per gallon while producing 168 horsepower. That falls short of the 2017 Rogue on both counts.

Another important characteristic of an SUV is the capacity for cargo. These vehicles are meant to be taken on all sorts of different adventures, which sometimes require plenty of luggage and gear. When the rear seats are folded, the 2017 Nissan Rogue opens up to a maximum cargo capacity of 70 cubic feet. The 2017 Escape again falls short with 68 cubic feet of room.

The numbers speak for themselves. If you would like to know more about the 2017 Nissan Rogue, contact us today.


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