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I walked into Boardman Nissan originally having my heart set on a Jeep Liberty, but knowing that the gas mileage on it wasn't great, I wanted to see what was out there in the car world. I had seen an Altima on the road and thought it looked pretty cool so I stopped at the Nissan dealership. My salesman, Eric, asked me what I was looking for in a car. I told him about the Jeep and explained that if I was going to give up that Jeep that I wanted so badly, it would have to be an extremely "badass" car with lots of bells and whistles. He told me about this Nissan Sentra that they had just taken in, it was a special edition in metallic blue with a moonroof, touch screen navigation, and awesome rims. I said I wanted to see it so he pulled it around for me. I took it for a test drive and LOVED how smooth the ride was, but still had the Jeep in the back of my mind. I told Eric that it was a lot to think about and my mom and I were going to go talk about it over dinner. Before I left, the sales manager, Wes, came over and asked how everything was going. I explained the whole situation to him and he completely understood. At dinner, I decided that I couldn't be completely comfortable with leasing the Sentra without at least seeing this Jeep first. Because of my work schedule, it took me a week until I could make it out to go see the Jeep. During the week, Eric and Wes were willing to text me and answer every question I had about the Sentra. Wes even took the time to go take a bunch of pictures and text them to me so I had something to compare when I went to see the Jeep. I saw the Jeep, and I loved it, but it was not the car for me. It was too top heavy and I just did not feel comfortable driving it at all. I called Wes when I left the dealership and he said I could come and take the Sentra overnight. When I went to the dealership, I met with the finance guy, John, and he took all of my information and everything and told he he would work something out and would see me the next day. I drove it everywhere I could throughout all my normal daily routes, in and out of my driveway a couple times, out to where I work and everything. I decided this was the car for me. When I went in the next day, they had all the paperwork filled out for me so there was no lengthy wait to see if I qualified. John took care of everything just like he said he would. My whole experience with Boardman Nissan was exceptional and seamless. I wouldn't have made this decision without the help of the fantastic, attentive, caring staff, especially Eric, Wes, and John. They are great guys who cared about how I felt about the car, not about the sale. I would highly recommend Boardman Nissan to everyone!!
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