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I am originally from Warren Ohio. I came to the area for a funeral. My vehicle was making a strange noise. I called the Nissan Dealership located on Elm Road in Warren, Ohio. I explained my situation and asked if they could take a look at my car. I asked if they could get me in that day since I would be leaving the next day. I explained my situation and need. They said they could not get me in. I asked if they could at least take a look. I was told no they could not! I asked if they could give me the telephone number of another local Nissan Dealership. I was told no they could not! These were the folks at Sims Nissan on Elm Road in Warren. WOW--at that moment I felt like crying since I live in Radcliff, Kentucky and was only in town for the funeral and was hoping to leave the next morning. Ok, after I got off the tears part I called Boardman Nissan. I talked with Allisa and explained my situation. When I explained my situation and asked if they could take a look--her reply was "SURE"!!! Boy that was great. She asked if I could be there by 4:00 p.m. and I told her I could, so I headed in that direction. Upon arrival Allisa of course greeted me with a smile and began to get things in order. My friends and I went to the waiting room and I'd say within five minutes of my vehicle being pulled in --it was being pulled out again. It had something to do with a fan cover??? Everyone that day took very good care of me. They smiled and they made me feel like I mattered and because it was important to me that my vehicle be fixed--it was important to them. I can't tell you just how grateful I was for their assistance. Although I don't remember everyone's names my experience at your dealership was stellar. Everyone did an excellent job!!!! My hat’s off to you. If I ever come that way again and have an issue--I will definitely choose you over the other dealership. Your staff made me feel like I was at my delaership in Kentucky "Swope Nissan in Elizabethtown".
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